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Degrees Available with Partners Birmingham University

Through its partnerships with Staffordshire and Birmingham City Universities, Call of the Wild is able to offer fully accredited programmes of study at undergraduate and post graduate levels and to meet professional CPD requirements.

These accredited programmes, which are supplied as an added service on a client organisation’s bespoke academy, are all accomplished by distance learning thus bringing the academic standards and educational expertise of the Universities into the heart of the individual learner’s workplace.
In addition, the vocational nature of the programmes offered, ensures that academic study is blended with on job application and real-time project work, to bring immediate returns in the workplace for the employer.

Available Programmes

Call of the Wild’s accredited academic programmes range from Foundation Degrees in Leadership & Management to Retail Management and also Customer Service. All the Foundation Degrees have automatic access to full Honours Degrees in Business, through shorter CPD awards and post-graduate certificates in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Masters Programmes in business and management subjects

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