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Company Profile

Since 1998 Call of the Wild has helped a wide range of clients, from diverse industries, to develop their leaders and the teams they lead. The company has grown to a point where we are proud to call Vodafone, the BBC, Credit Suisse, Cable and Wireless and Alstom our clients. They, like many others, have learnt that our expertise lies in the design and facilitation of bespoke courses with the emphasis placed on developing skills that will have a direct impact on individuals and teams when back in the workplace.


The Directors

Call of Wild DirectorsCall of the Wild is an independently-owned, limited company set up by three friends who share a passion for experiential learning and development. Mark, Geraint and Kevin are all local lads who have known each other since school. Having studied at Cardiff University, University College London and University of the West of England they all returned to their home town to develop a business which encompassed their interests.

Call of the Wild Today

National Team Building Company of the YearTen years after starting the company, Call of the Wild has grown into a business that employs over 25 people, owns its own mountain training centre, runs its own activities and contributes greatly to the local economy.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use own staff (or close associates), provide the core activities ourselves and we can even accommodate you at our countryside retreat in the Brecon Beacons National Park. We believe that we can differentiate ourselves from the competition by keeping a close reign on the resources needed to run our programmes: the staff, knowledge and programmes themselves.

We have always believed that people can be inspired to greater things by returning to the natural environment and so greatly held is this belief that we’ve added it to our company name! Without doubt there can be no better example of the natural environment in the UK than the Brecon Beacons National Park and this is where some of our Wales-based programmes take place.

UK and Overseas Locations

Earth in HandToday, Call of the Wild today is not just a purely Welsh-based company but also has a presence across the UK, running courses every month in London, Birmingham, the South East and South West, to name but a few areas. We have also run successful courses in the Alps (Chamonix) and the Pyrenees (Lucheon). In February, 2009 we delivered an exciting  programme in Tanzania, which includes a strong element of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Developed In-House

Unlike many providers of corporate training courses, all our programmes are created in-house and delivered through our team, be they full-time staff or associates. We also take the time to fully understand the required outcomes for your business in order that we can create the most suitable programmes for your team. In this way all our courses could be said to be badged as “Developed by Call of the Wild“. We fully believe that in order to create the most suitable course for your company.

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"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey