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What is a Blog?

The word blog is derived from the combination of the two words web and log. Blogs are virtual diaries created by individuals and stored on the internet. Blogs are similar to an online journal or diary where  messages and articles can be posted, photos, music and video on their own mini website. They have become very popular in recent years and are excellent for personal and up-to-date opinion and information.

Call of the Wild’s Blog

Our blog provides added value to your visit and improves your experience of the “Call of the Wild” offer, service and philosophy.  You want to know more about who you are potentially signing up to work with. Also we want you to feel that you have learnt something from your visit and will visit the site again. We want  your online experience to be enriching, not just us explaining what we do but discussion on topical management issues, comment, useful tips, updates and new programmes and also occasionally a bit of fun.

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"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey