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Training Grants and Funding

If you are considering sending your staff on a training course or are putting it off due to the cost then take a look at this update on the funding available in England and Wales.

1. Leadership and Management Advisory Service (LMAS)

£1,000 per SME organisation (5-250 employees). It consists of a £500 grant for the leader of an organisation plus a further £500 matched funding for other senior managers. It is open to all leadership programmes including bespoke.

For more information visit the Train to  Gain website

2. Response to Redundancy

Train 2 Gain and European Social Fund (ESF)

Aimed at reskilling the newly unemployed and those under threat of redundancy. Between £270 and £1,200 per learner.This is based on the number of guided learning hours. For instance 9 to 14 hours equates to £270. 75 glh equates to £1,200.

Learning and Skills Council (LSC)

Used for workplace entry support and business start-up. This is linked to the Train to gain SME package and means free, intensive unit based training will be offered to every Job Centre Plus client entering work.

3. Women and Work – Sector Pathways Initiative

£100 to £600 for funding to train women in England within occupations or sectors where women are significantly under-represented. The training is aimed at leadership, management and supervisory skill development.  The Industry Sectors have been grouped as follows:-

SEMTA – Science, Engineering, manufacturing & technology. Contact

Lantra – Land based and engineering. Contact

Skillsfast UK – Fashion and Textiles. Contact

4. Wales


The Redundancy Action Scheme is a package of support to help individuals who have been recently made redundant or under threat of redundancy. There are 3 packages available:-

– Employer Recruitment Support. Funds employers who recruit individuals made redundant in the past six months. The award offers up to £2,080 as a contribution towrads wage costs.

– Employer Training Support. Up to £1,000 that the employer can put towards the cost of the new recruit’s job related training.

– Recruitment Consultancy Support.

For more information e-mail


This is a financial support package designed to help well-run businesses cope with the downturn. It provides additional training for employees who are on short-time working. It covers:-

– Up to £2,000 per individual towarsd training costs

-a wage subsidy of up to £2,000 per individual while training is being undertaken

– Free expert one to one expert advice

So there are plenty of options available for accessing training funds.

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