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Sport As A Metaphor for Business

Historically sport has been used as a metaphor for business but some people doubt whether parallels can be made and whether any lessons can be transferred into the business environment. Forwarding thinking Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal Football Club Manager seems to have grasped this concept and introduced a policy which is not only powerful but can be seen to be transferable.

 One of the red top newspapers in the UK recently published an article that claimed they had got their hands on a “secret document” which revealed how Arsene Wenger has instilled a new and unshakeable team spirit in his football squad by getting powerful messages into the minds of his players. Sports psychologists used to be dismissed as mumbo-jumbo by old school managers but many in the English premiership now employ such consultants in a bid to give  the edge.

 This is what the document is alleged to have included:-


The Team

 A team is as strong as the relationships within it. The driving force of a team is its member’s ability to create and maintain excellent relationships within the team that can add an extra dimension and robustness to the team dynamic.

 This attitude can be sued by our team to focus on the gratitude and vitality important benefits that the team brings to our own lives. It can be used to strengthen and deepen the relationships within it and maximise the opportunities that await a strong and united team.


Our team becomes stronger by :

  •  Displaying a positive attitude on and off the pitch
  • Everyone making the right decisions for the team
  • Have an unshakeable belief that we can achieve our target
  • Believe in the strength of the team
  • Always want more – always give more
  • Focus on our communication
  • Be demanding with yourself
  • Be fresh and well prepared to win
  • Focus on being mentally stronger and always keep going to the end
  • When we play away from home, believe in our identity and play the football we love to play at home
  • Stick together
  • Stay grounded and humble as a player and as a person
  • Show the desire to win in all that you do
  • Enjoy and contribute to all that is special about being in a team- don’t take it for granted.”

 Even if this isn’t true and taken from Arsenal’s training manual  the messages are still very powerful  and applicable to a business environment. It is well established that the strength of relationships makes up either a strong or a weak team spirit. It’s also the team dynamic making everyone is together which is important – they don’t see each other as rivals and there is no worry about a team mate out shining them.

"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey