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Creativity & Innovation

Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving Workshops

Creativity, creative thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation are all well used phrases. But what are you looking for from such thinking?

Programme Outcomes

  • Achieve a strong focus on your business goals and objectives
  • World class creative performance from your team
  • Integrating staff with no fear of ridicule of ideas resulting in accelerated transition to high performance
  • Inspirational creative thinking and ideas for a real return on investment
  • Encourage extraordinary performance from people for increased sales
  • Nurturing creativity and innovation increases effort by choice
  • Outperform the competition – a competitive edge
  • Increase your profits with lasting results
  • Introduce a “can-do” attitude into the team

Creativity and Innovation Already Exists

You may already have the greatest ideas sitting out there in the office with your current staff. However if you don’t allow those those ideas to develop and above all be communicated then you will never know about that one idea which may slash your costs or push sales through the roof. Helps employees with diffferent behavioural traits explore the uniqueness of their creativity and their approach to problem solving .

Our Approach

Discussion will revolve around examples of problems at work, at home, individual and team based. There will also be discussion on potential causes: poor communication, lack of support, differing perspectives/opinion or ambiguity. We introduce a structured process for problem analysis. Using this structure can ensure that the essential groundwork is carried out to help get the most out of creativity methods.

On this workshop, you will discover that not only can you increase your creative options but also allow the truly innovative solutions to develop and form, benefiting the team, the product and the company. Pragmatic approach to the business of management performance, using the best mix of outdoor challenge, team-working theory, learning by doing and FUN.

Programme Objectives – Think Again

– A different look at decision making and generating ideas
– Look at the process of being creative and innovative
– Think before action- don’t do what you’ve always done
– An experiential day of discovery
– Brainstorming – How to get results
– Learn to think laterally
– Enjoyment – If delgates enjoy themselves they get more out of the programme

Theory of Creativity

    Our exercises are tailored to meet your business objectives. Most of all, like the imagination itself, the Creativity Workshop is fun. We believe that creativity is best served in a playful, nurturing, and non-competitive environment. We concentrate on creative process rather than product and on the idea of creativity as a way of improving performance in the workplace.

    "Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey