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Sales Training Course & Selling Skills

Our programme for developing sales teams, sales management, sales training and great selling organisations. The programme offers an effective sales training course including sales theory and delivery from people who have actually been at the coal face. These are sales people who have been there got numerous t-shirts and know what they are talking about when it comes to sales and selling.

Who Will Benefit From The Sales Training Course?

  • Those new to sales or about to take up a sales role
  • Sales people who need a refresher and are looking for new ideas

What Can You Achieve from a Sales Training Course?

  • Achieve a strong focus on your business goals and objectives
  • World class performance from your sales team
  • Boost productivity and quickly
  • Inspirational sales teams for a real return on investment
  • Encourage extraordinary performance from people for increased sales
  • Increased effort by choice
  • Outperform the competition – a competitive edge
  • Increase your profits with lasting results

Sales and Selling Theory

A number of theories can be looked at to demonstrate how theory has developed. Theories such as:-

AIDA is the original sales training acronym, from the late 1950’s, when selling was first treated as a professional discipline, and sales training began. Often called the ‘Hierarchy of Effects’, AIDA describes the basic process by which people become motivated to act on external stimulus, including the way that successful selling happens and sales are made.

A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action

AIDCA – More recently (c.1980′-1990’s) the AIDA acronym has been used in extended form as AIDCA, meaning the same as AIDA with the insertion of Commitment prior to the action stage.

The Seven Steps of the Sale is the most common traditional structure used for explaining and training the selling process for the sales call or meeting, including what immediately precedes and follows it. This structure is usually represented as the Seven Steps of the Sale, but it can can be five, six, eight or more, depending whose training manual you’re reading:-

  1. planning and/or preparation
  2. introduction or opening
  3. questioning
  4. presentation
  5. overcoming objections/negotiating
  6. close or closing
  7. after-sales follow-up

Consultative selling (consultation selling)

Developed by various sales gurus through the 1980’s by David Sandler among others, and practiced widely today, Consultative selling was a move towards more collaboration with, and involvement from, the buyer in the selling process. Strongly based on questioning aimed at gaining useful information this approach can form an integral part of our sales training courses.

Sales Training Course Content

The sales training course will be flexible and tailored to meet your objectives. In general the important elements will be Active Listening ,
Body Language , Features and Benefits , Objections , Commitment and Closing , Effective Communication , The Ability to Build Trust, Empathy,
Understanding Behaviour.

Online Sales Training

Using our own online web enabled learning platform you can develop your sales team by using our thereby reducing your costs by limiitng the amount of time the individuals are away from the office.

What Will You Gain From the Sales Training Course?

  • Learn how to use the consultative sales approach
  • Learn how to discover your prospective clients needs and desires
  • Improve questioning and listening skills
  • Learn how to use body language and non-verbal communication to your advantage when selling
  • Learn how to understand the needs and motivations of your prospective clients
  • Learn how to get to the commitment to buy
  • Learn how to overcome objections
  • Learn how to build a relationship with your prospective clients
  • Discover some tricks of the trade
  • Building trust with your prospective clients
  • Learn effective after-sales techniques

"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey