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Make Your Organisation More Resilient

“European shares touched a new 11-month low on Thursday, indicating a gloomy outlook for the global economy” The Telegraph 4th Aug 2011

This is just one of hundreds of headlines, articles and academic papers underlying the extremely difficult global circumstances in which we as commercial organisations have to trade in the short to medium term.

The real question is how resilient is your organisation?

Many of the pressures and stressors arising from the financial crisis are completely out of our control as individuals and organisations; therefore the way we deal and thrive within this pressured environment is the key to the ability to succeed in difficult times.

The concept of Mental Toughness accurately predicts how individuals and organisations are able to cope with the pressure and stressors of the work environment. Developed by Dr Peter Clough in Hull University the MTQ 48 tool assesses the ability to thrive when placed under pressure. It has been taken by many thousands of individuals from every level within many organisations and has been found to be a reliable and accurate measure of resilience in the face of challenge.

The Call of the Wild one day Mental Toughness workshop has been developed as a response to these difficult times. The workshop acts an introduction to the concept and illustrates how the tool will help to identify and develop the levels of Mental Toughness required within your organisation.

By the end of the workshop each individual will have had the chance to explore their own MTQ report and the subsequent implications both for them and their organisations.

The background and applications of Mental Toughness will be covered with a particular focus on the use of MTQ48 as a development tool.

The Mentally Tough Organisation Workshop


Each Delegate will complete a  Psychometric  prior to Day 1 of the programme

The Workshop

The programme consists of four  sessions each focussing on one of the 4 Cs of Mental Toughness

Day 1 am

What is Mental Toughness?

  • An opportunity to look at the report generated form the psychometric measure and discuss areas for each individual to develop
  • Action Planning – how can I continue to improve?


  • What influence do you feel you have over your environment?
  • How in control of your emotions do you feel?

Day 1 pm


  • What do you consider a challenge/problem/threat or opportunity?
  • How do you deal with change and unstable environments?

Day 2 am


  • How focused are you on achieving your goals?
  • How do you react when faced with tough deadlines?

Day 2 pm


  • How optimistic are you about life in general?
  • How good are you at dealing with difficult or awkward people?

Evaluation, outcomes and ROI


The workshop can be delivered at your offices, a convenient location or at our centre.


TBA with each client depending on exact requirements

"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey