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Dave Thomas Promoted to Director

Call of the Wild  are delighted to announce that David Thomas has been made a Director of the Company. David has been promoted from his current position of Head Facilitator. In addition to his new management responsibilities he will continue to prepare and deliver our management training, team development and leadership development programmes.

David is a professional management development practitioner. He has many years’ experience, both in the UK and overseas. He has worked with a wide range of clients from SME’s to multi-nationals and companies worked with include Vodafone, Orange and Panasonic. He has a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring. Dave participated in the planning and execution of the first successful winter crossing of Iceland on skis, from the West coast to the East. Attempted six times previously by various nationalities the Island of Iceland was deemed uncrossable. Dragging sledges each weighing 240 pounds the four-man team skied in arctic blizzard conditions for 47 days over 500 miles

“I am absolutely delighted with this promotion and look forward to the new challenges it brings. I hope to continue to consolidate and improve upon the quality of our work in the fields of management training, team building and leadership development which has already been recognised as some of the best in the country. ” stated David Thomas.

“We are always looking to add excellent people to our team. However it is particularly rewarding when we are able to promote from within. Not only is this excellent for staff motivation but reassures our clients that we value business relationships and continuity. This illustrates our ambition and shows our aspiration is still  to grow the business even in these challenging times. David is a valuable asset and his experience will be invaluable when making strategic business decisions.” stated Managing Director, Geraint Lewis.

"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey