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Leadership Essentials

Harness The Leadership Potential of Your Staff

The leadership programme for developing your financial professionals. Designed specifically to stimulate leadership potential, the ICAEW leadership programme has consistently delivered personal development for its participants and exceptional management development for their employers since it was first offered in 2005. This much enhanced developmental programme offering a real return on investment.

The programme has been specifically designed to offer an opportunity for a real learning experience. This is not a one off hit, rather, the programme has been designed to be developmental to ensure learning is embedded for behavioural change in the workplace to take place.

Who is this programme for?

The Leadership Essentials programme is designed for those looking to develop themselves or their employees such as:

  • Professionals who aspire to or are already leading teams
  • Professionals being fast-tracked as future finance sector leaders
  • Generalist managers needing to accelerate their leadership skills.
  • Anyone whose employer is willing to sponsor their participation is welcome to apply – just complete one of our application forms.

The only criterion is that you should be prepared to commit yourself wholeheartedly to the challenges and learning opportunities the programme present.

Although designed in conjunction with the Institute the programme is suitable for anyone who is looking to develop themselves or their employees, anyone with CPD requirements and anyone not only looking for a one off funday but for a real learning experience and a once in a lifetime chance to make a real difference to a community in Tanzania.

The Programme

Leadership Essentials 2009 is a leadership development programme aimed at, although not exclusive to, finance and accounting professionals wishing to develop their leadership skills. It brings together four key elements:

  1. Experiential workshops in the Lake District, Peak District or Brecon Beacons. These are designed to raise questions about leadership style and to offer personal leadership development. Participants experience action learning through a range of activities and consolidate learning.
  2. A one-day masterclass in London. This is led by polar explorer Alan Chambers MBE and sports psychologist to the MCC, Welsh Rugby and Olympic Team 2012 John Neal
  3. A five-day charitable fundraising project based in Tanzania (optional). Our teams challenge their leadership skills through a practical project that benefits local people such as school renovation, irrigation improvement, soil conservation, community building or orphanage support.
  4. An end of programme ball in London.

Why Choose Leadership Essentials

As organisational structures become more complex, the capacity for leadership is becoming a key success factor for individuals and organisations. Bringing together the latest thinking and best practice, Leadership Essentials 2007 explores how core leadership skills can be learnt and applied, building on an individual’s own strengths and weaknesses. As well as being a lot of fun, the programme sets some key challenges for participants with the objective of considerably developing leadership capability:

  • Demonstrate leadership, motivation and clear direction of other team members
  • Clarify your personal standards and learn respect and best practice behaviour towards others
  • Put your personal patience and self-restraint to the test in stressful situations and when self-sacrifice can be positive for the good of the team
  • Learn to judge appropriate levels of risk and stress both for yourself and others
  • Gain self knowledge and practice different leadership behaviours

Our methods help ensure learning is transferred back to the workplace which mean that desired outcomes are achieved. By doing so we seek to add value by improving performance for organisations, teams and individuals

"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey