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Outdoor Team Building Ideas

Team Building Events Using the Outdoors

Outdoor team building has had mixed reviews over the years . However use of the outdoor environment and the tasks given demand a degree of concentration and commitment which cannot be experienced with traditional development programmes alone. This is one of the reasons we believe  outdoor team building is such an effective means of developing your staff. Traditional single medium training courses can be forgettable, but outdoor team building events can be inspirational for staff who then not only remember the learning but transfer it to the workplace for an improved bottom line.

Classroom Teaching in Isolation

Classroom-based chalk and talk courses are common with delegates often being subjected to mediocre courses and uninspiring trainers. Sitting in a classroom listening to a trainer all day can mean our brains switching off.

This isn’t just speculation. Our brains have a  reticular activating system. Its job is to filter all the sensory stimuli coming in and decide what we should focus our attention on at any particular moment. This could be concentrating on the tutor or just looking out the window!

It’s at the heart of the reason why experiential learning is such an effective medium as opposed to classroom learning alone.

Our Blended Learning Approach to Team Building

Confucius said, ” I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”

The “I do I understand” principle is the one we follow. By doing real tasks in a real world outdoor environment delegates not only understand but retain that learning. Delegates are willing to take on new challenges without the the normal threat of failure  as they are not in a work environment. This expriential learning underpins our approach.

We seek to provide the often missing link between classroom based and outdoor team building. Our programmes are structured to offer indoor workshops on team and leadership theory linked to an outdoor element to test and develop those theories.  They are not designed to humiliate but rather to develop teamwork and create a supportive environment for participants to learn and develop greater self-confidence in themselves and their colleagues.

Benefits of Using Call of the Wild

  • National Business Tourism Company of the Year 2011/2012
  • National Team Building of the Year 2008/2009
  • Welsh Small Business of the Year 2008/2009
  • ILM -Institute of Leadership & Management Accredited Centre
  • Our own 70 acre training centre in the Brecon Beacons
  • Accessible – On main line from London Paddington & 20 minutes off M4
  • Ability to deliver outdoor team building across the UK
  • Transfer of learning to the workplace for improved profits
  • Individuals explore and develop their own capabilities

"Experience plus reflection equals learning" - John Dewey